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Chin Fillers in Miami

Introduction To Chin Filler

A weak or overly-prominent chin can affect both men and women. While men typically want structure and definition, women typically look to achieve a softer, proportional appearance. While surgery used to be the only way to achieve a good chin, now there’s a less intrusive technique available for those who are not quite ready for the time, price, and commitment that surgery requires.

At Z Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zhuravsky strives to give his Miami Chin Filler patients results that they can be proud of. Below, we’ve included our guide to chin fillers, frequently asked questions, and information on pricing. If you’d like to schedule a consultation or have any questions, please contact us today.

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What Fillers Are used for Chin Augmentation?

Dr. Z offers his Miami Chin Filler patients the best dermal fillers available, we currently offer Radiesse, Restylane, Volux, and Voluma. Dr. Z can discuss which one he feels is the best option for you.

The DETAILED answer:

There are several options but the main idea is for the filler to be strong, thus able to provide good projection and shape for a bony contour like the chin. Dr. Z prefers Radiesse as this is the strongest filler, has the most amount per syringe, and is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, which is also found in bone. Dr. Z has found this to give the best and most long-lasting results for chin and jawline contouring. However, Radiesse cannot be reversed. If patients do not like the results, we have to wait for the filler to dissolve on its own. Alternatively, if patients are not sure if they want an augmentation, and would like the option to dissolve it if necessary, Dr. Z prefers either Volux, Voluma or Restylane, as these have the next highest level of firmness, but are made from hyaluronic acid which can be dissolved.

Who are the Best Candidates for Chin Filler?

The best candidate for Chin Fillers are those that want a quick non-permanent augmentation of their chin. This is also popular for those that are considering a permanent chin implant but want to “try it on” first with a temporary filler.

The DETAILED answer:

Both males and females are candidates for chin filler, but must be done slightly differently depending on the desired results. Males with either an under-projected, short, or pointy chin may be good candidates for chin filler augmentation. This typically gives males an overall “stronger” and more “masculine” appearance. Females with an under projected, short, boxy, or cleft chin may be good candidates for filler as well. As long as the chin is not already too long, we can usually achieve a more tapered and refined chin. These desires may also be reversed as males might want a softer chin, and females might want a stronger chin. Lastly, even though filler adds to the chin, those with a very long chin may benefit from filler as well. By placing filler higher up on the front of the chin, we can sometimes change the focal point of the chin and give the impression of a shorter chin.

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What’s the First Step

The first step in getting Chin Fillers in Miami is to contact our office and schedule your consultation. When you meet with Dr. Z, he will ask about your aesthetic goals, answer any questions you may have, and examine your chin. It is very important to be honest about your goals and expectations in order to achieve the best results. Before creating your treatment plan, Dr. Z will also help you decide which filler will work best for you. Once he has all of this information, Dr. Z can perform the treatment right then or our Patient Coordinator will help you select the best day to come in.

How is Chin Filler Augmentation Performed?

Dr. Z will make you comfortable and then inject your chosen filler in deliberate amounts at specific locations on your chin.

The DETAILED answer:

This is a relatively quick in-office procedure. The chin is evaluated and the desired outcome is determined. This is one area of filler that Dr. Z likes to mark off with a white pencil before injecting, noting the midline, jawline angle, and asymmetries. Some patients prefer to have numbing cream placed along the chin, but a majority are just fine without it, noting that the sticks are very minimal. The filler is then injected in small amounts along the chin to achieve the desired augmentation. This only takes a few minutes.

Chin Filler Recovery

What is the Recovery after Chin FIller?

There is very minimal recovery and you should be able to return to your normal routine within a few days.

The DETAILED answer:

Patients have some soreness in the area but it is not painful. The results are instant. There is swelling that begins very shortly after the procedure but typically resolves within a day or two. Bruising is also possible but does not always occur. Overall it is not a major recovery, but if you have any big events like weddings or parties, we advise a one-week buffer to be safe.

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Why choose Dr. Z

Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky has developed a positive reputation based on his surgical abilities, pleasant bedside manner, and a strong concern for patient well-being. His creativity, artistic abilities, and desire to get the best results possible each and every time set him apart from many other practices in Miami. Unlike many medical offices that have nurses perform their injections, Dr. Z takes pride in personally performing each treatment. With over a decade of experience in facial aesthetics, Dr. Z is able to offer a level of expertise that is unparalleled by most. Dr. Z believes in continued education and is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS)

How Much Does Chin Filler Cost in Miami, FL?

The cost of Chin Fillers in Miami will vary on a few different factors, including which filler you are using and how much of it you will need. After meeting with Dr. Z for your consultation and he creates your procedure plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with a price breakdown. Prices are also subject to change as costs tend to increase over time. The price for chin filler starts at $750.

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Schedule Your Consultation

If you are ready for a bolder, more defined chin aesthetic, then Chin Fillers in Miami, FL could be perfect for you! To schedule your consultation with Dr. Zhuravsky you can request an appointment through our website and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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