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Keys to Great Rhinoplasty Results

Dr. Zhuravsky, a rhinoplasty expert, discusses the important keys to achieving great rhinoplasty results. As an expert surgeon who performs both primary and revision surgeries, Dr. Z has determined that there are several key aspects that are of critical importance, and if not respected can lead to poor results.

What is a GOOD Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Dr. Zhuravsky explains why the consultation is one of the most important parts of the rhinoplasty and what patients should expect from a good quality surgeon. The consultation is the only time that patients can really have any influence on their outcomes. This is when they can discuss their changes with the surgeon and see if they are truly understood. They can also assess whether the surgeon seems to know how to achieve their desired results, and if they are willing to dedicate the effort.

Biggest Rhinoplasty Fears

Dr. Z discusses the most common fears that seem to hold back patients from proceeding with Rhinoplasty, and why they regret letting these fears hold them back once they actually go through with surgery.

Patient are afraid of 3 main issues:

  1. Botched Results: Over scooped, piggy nose, pinched tip, retracted nostrils, etc … those are all avoidable with high quality and meticulous techniques. This really comes down to finding the right surgeon.
  2. Surgical pain: Majority of the discomfort is during the first 24 hours and not as bad as patients think it will be. Dr. Z does not use nasal packing or splints inside the nose, which alleviates a great deal of the discomfort. Most patients are on justTylenol the very next day.
  3. Going under anesthesia: Dr. Z does almost all of his rhinoplasties awake, where patients are both comfortable and safe at the same time, thus not subjected to general anesthesia.

Revision Rhinoplasty Info

Dr. Zhuravsky, an expert rhinoplasty surgeon, discusses the overall approach to revision rhinoplasty.

Revisions for rhinoplasty have become more and more prevalent. There are several reasons for this with the “generic” rhinoplasty being one of the biggest.

The truth about “Breaking the nose” with Rhinoplasty

Dr. Zhuravsky, a rhinoplasty expert, explains why the concept of “breaking” the noses is misleading.

The entire nose is NOT being broken in the common understanding of the words. In realty, we are making small and precise cuts in the bones in order to adjust their appearance.

The nasal bones are a small part of the nose overall, making up only the upper 1/3rd of the nose. Most of the hard work in rhinoplasty involves cartilage, which does not have to be broken. The nasal bones are thin but like all bone they are ridge. We make these fine cuts in order to preform the necessary adjustments, usually moving the nasal bones inward. An important point of caution is to avoid collapsing the nasal bones too far inward, resulting a very unnaturally thin upper nose.

WHY we have to “Break” the nasal bones during Rhinoplasty

Dr. Zhuravsky, a rhinoplasty expert, explains why we have to break the nasal bones when performing rhinoplasty surgery.

The “bone breaking” part of rhinoplasty is what patients seem to fear the most from rhinoplasty surgery. HOWEVER, it is not exactly what you may imagine it to be. What really happens, is that precise CUTS are made along the edges of the bones, in order to shape them. The purpose of this is to move the bones into a cosmetically favorable position that will make the nose look great as a whole.

Nose tip drop when smiling

Dr. Z explains why the nose tip drops with smiling and what can be done to treat this issue.