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Under Eye Filler in Miami

Introduction To Eye Filler

As one of the most age-revealing features on the face, your eyes can have a lot of impact on how you’re perceived. These telling indicators are often found in the corners (sometimes called “crows feet”) and shadows that form under the lower lids, which give you a tired or worn-out look. While the region under your eyes can be covered with concealer, it can be a very difficult area to hide.

At our practice in Miami, Under Eye Fillers are a quick and mostly painless procedure that gives your face a fresh and more rejuvenated look. Below, we’ve included comprehensive information on the treatment, but if you’d like to schedule a consultation or ask a question, please get in touch.

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What is Under Eye Filler?

Whether it be through heredity or age, the under-eye area can have a tired appearance, even occurring in younger patients, Hyaluronic Acid filler can help disguise that.

The DETAILED answer:

Under Eye Filler is a cosmetic treatment that uses Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to treat the darker circles and hollows under your eyes. These deep tear troughs can cause shadows that look darker than the rest of your skin, giving you a tired or sunken appearance and deep indentations. It is considered to be one of the hardest areas to fill because there are a lot of variabilities and requires an ability to deliver the filler to the correct layer.

HA is a compound that your body makes on a daily basis to give skin hydration and fullness. Fillers use these properties by formulating HA into a gel, which can be used to add volume in key locations. Your body will naturally absorb the filler over time until your appearance is back to the way it was unless you get maintenance treatments, however, the under eyes tend to be an area that retains filler very well over time.

Who are the Best Candidates for Under Eye Filler?

The SHORT answer: The best candidates for Under Eye Filler are those with mild to moderate bags or hollowing under the eye.

The DETAILED answer:

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate is to have an in-person evaluation with a well-qualified surgeon or injector. In general, those that benefit the best are those with the following characteristics:

  • Hollowing under the eye, including the medial cheek
  • Mild to moderate under bags
  • Have good skin thickness and elasticity

NOTE: This treatment does not work for malar festoons, which are located further below the eyelids, more on the upper cheek, and characterized by puffy swelling. These require a much different approach altogether.

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Dr. Zhuravsky’s important notes on eye filler:

The under-eye area is an especially difficult area to fill and requires a lot of experience. Much of this is due to the lower eyelid anatomy and the fact that this area has a strong tendency to swell. Because of this predisposition for swelling, filler in the under eye expands to variable amounts in different patients. Thus, Dr. Zhuravsky believes in filling the under eye in small increments, rarely adding more than 1 syringe total for both eyes in one session. This not only reduces the amount of swelling after the procedure but also minimizes the chances of overfilling and having excess filler. If more filler is required, it can easily be added in the same fashion after 1-2 weeks. However, if too much filler is placed at once, it will require dissolving and starting over again. The type of filler used is dependent on the injector but should in all cases be on the softer side. Some fillers have a tendency to conglomerate while others spread out nicer. Dr. Zhuravsky has a strong preference for one of the lightest and softest fillers, as it gives great results and has a long duration under the eyes.

Four major keys to good under-eye filler are: proper patient selection, filler choice, location filler is placed, and amount of filler used.

What’s the First Step

The first step in getting Under Eye Filler in Miami is to contact Z Facial Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation. When you come in for this appointment, you will meet with Dr. Zhuravsky and express your goals for the treatment, ask any questions you may have, and have the area under your eyes examined. Dr. Z will also ask you questions regarding your medical history, so it is very important to be open and honest with him to prevent any unnecessary risks. Once he has the information he needs, Dr. Z will create your treatment plan and if you agree with it, we can perform the filler on the same day, or schedule you for a later date.

What to Expect on the Day of Under Eye Filler

Dr. Z will use exact measurements of filler that he will deposit into strategic locations into the under-eye areas through your cheek.

The DETAILED answer:

When you come in for your Under Eye Filler, we will have you relax in our reclining chair to make yourself more comfortable. The filler is injected with a cannula to maximize safety and comfort while minimizing bruising. A cannula looks like a needle but the end is blunt. A very small amount of numbing medication is injected into a single spot on each cheek. This area is then completely numb and used to make a tiny hole for the cannula. The filler is injected into the under eye area, or tear trough in small increments in order to get the best and most safe results. A small needle is occasionally required to get hard to reach areas, especially when the outer portion is treated as well. The filler is then massaged into place and an immediate result can be seen.

Under Eye Filler Recovery

You will be able to return to your normal routine following your treatment and should see full results within a week or so.

The DETAILED answer:

Bruising is very rare when a cannula is used, so most patients go on with their typical day. We do ask if possible to avoid extra salt and exercise for the remainder of the day to minimize swelling. The small spot on the cheek where the cannula was introduced usually stays blanched (white) for approximately 30 minutes, and may even have a little redness around it. In the rare case that bruising does occur, it is usually at this puncture site and can be covered with makeup. As the filler hydrates and settles in, there may be some mild swelling under the eye. This is often well tolerated by patients as the swelling helps to further fill in the hollowing. We find that under eye filler tends to look even better over time and lasts longer than most other areas.

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Why choose Dr. Z for your Under Eye Filler?

Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon whose surgical abilities, pleasant bedside manner, and a strong concern for patient well-being allowed him to quickly develop a positive reputation based purely on patient referrals. Dr. Z believes that education is a lifelong process and thus continues to educate himself on the latest techniques and research to be able to provide his patients with the best and most up-to-date care.

How Much Does Under Eye Filler Cost in Miami, FL?

The cost of Under Eye Filler in Miami will be determined by several factors, including how much filler is required to achieve your result. Pricing is also dependent on the quality and/or popularity of the injector. Prices are also subject to change as costs tend to increase with time, but we try to keep them reasonably fair considering the quality and expertise. Our price for under eye filler starts at $750.

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Schedule Your Consultation

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your eyes and would like to get rid of those darker circles, Under Eye Filler in Miami may be the answer! Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Zhuravsky by calling our office or requesting an appointment through our website!

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