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Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky

Meet Dr. Z

Dr. Zhuravsky first established himself as an expert facial plastic surgeon in the NY/NJ area. The high-quality, natural results of his work spoke louder than any ad and attracted patients from all over the country. Over the years, Dr. Zhuravsky earned a reputation as a skilled professional with an artistic eye who prioritizes attentive care. Eventually, Dr. Z relocated to South Florida to continue and expand his practice.

Dr. Z’s Professional Ethics And Core Values

Dr. Zhuravsky has built a strong ethical foundation for his practice. Providing his patients with the best possible care and “doing the right thing” for those who entrust him with their care stands above all. Dr. Z feels (very strongly) that despite cosmetic facial plastic surgery being a business, it is still a medical treatment that is meant to improve someone’s life, and that should always be prioritized.

When patients visit for surgery or other procedures, Dr. Z concentrates on their needs, never pushing any marketing agenda or sales tactics. This approach keeps the practice rooted in its core value of serving patients for their benefit, rather than viewing them solely as consumers. This is what makes plastic surgery personally rewarding for Dr. Z – it genuinely enhances patients’ lives.

What is Dr. Z Like Outside Of Work?

Outside of running a busy practice, Dr. Z’s priorities revolve around family and friends. Having come from a very close-knit family himself, Dr.’s family – his wife and children – mean the world to him. Dr. Z is also grateful to have a tight circle of loyal friends.

Dr. Z’s interests extend well beyond his profession. He is enthusiastic about science, space, architecture, history, and engineering. His “if not a surgeon then who” scenario would be an architect or aerospace engineer.

Healthy nutrition and exercise are another essential part of Dr. Z’s life – he takes on a holistic approach to well-being. Unlike many doctors who take up golfing as a signature sport for this profession, Dr. Z has a particular passion for skiing, which is now one of his favorite sports. He is also a seasoned traveler: his top destinations are places with a rich history that unveil the memory of great events and outstanding personalities of the past.

Dr. Z’s Rise To Prominence In Facial Plastic Surgery

Residency and Board certification are just the first steps in a surgeon’s journey, where they are given the foundational skills needed to succeed. As two of Dr. Zhuravsky’s most prominent mentors in facial plastics explained to him, it is how those skills are applied and sharpened after training that is the true barometer of a surgeon’s abilities. Although Dr. Zhuravsky was offered to join a well-established facial plastic surgery practice in NYC, he decided to pursue a path that would test his abilities to rise on his own.

Dr. Z first joined a practice on Long Island, which allowed him to develop his reputation in facial plastic surgery. As his excellent results and bedside manner quickly gained praise and drew in patients, Dr. Zhuravsky outgrew this location.

For the next phase of his career, Dr. Zhuravsky settled in New Jersey. This choice allowed him to be closer to his family and positioned him centrally in the Northeast. Once again, Dr. Z’s work and ability to provide his patients with beautiful natural results propelled his reputation, this time attracting patients not only from NYC and Philadelphia but from many other states. Dr. Z is very proud that his initial rise in reputation and explosive growth was primarily based on word of mouth and referrals from his actual patients.

Social media also boosted Dr. Zhuravsky’s reputation. As the practice grew, patients from across the country and even abroad started following his social media accounts, liking and sharing his videos and posts. Thanks to this online activity, Dr. Z saw an increasing number of patients willing to travel long distances to see him. “It is a great honor when patients trust you with their facial surgery, so when they are willing to do so and travel from areas like LA, Miami, Las Vegas, and other distant areas, it is all the more special,” shares Dr. Z.

Dr. Zhuravsky truly valued his patients’ trust and was dedicated to providing them with the best care. As demand grew, causing scheduling to stretch months ahead and his office to get crowded, Dr. Z started working on Saturdays. While a positive sign, this approach wasn’t sustainable, prompting the need for a larger, more comfortable space.

Dr. Z had already formed a substantial patient base from South Florida, and he loved the warm weather – so Miami was an optimal choice. His parents were also willing to move, and so plans were set in motion. Despite COVID-related delays, Dr. Z was determined to move forward and eventually found an office in his ideal spot, Aventura, where he is based now. Today, his journey continues as his practice brings excellence and quality to South Florida.

Dr. Zhuravsky On Being A Specialized Facial Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to specializing in cosmetic facial surgery, my biggest concern has always been moving away from saving lives and treating medical conditions. My initial drive to enter medicine stemmed from a deep desire to help and be a positive force – something I assume was inspired by my mother. I realize it might sound a bit selfish, but I also find immense satisfaction in being someone’s “hero,” knowing I’ve changed my patients’ lives for the better. Coupled with my passion for science and hands-on work, surgery felt like the perfect fit. Otolaryngology and head-and-neck surgery allowed me to maintain that core discipline, and I had worried about losing it.

Since I transitioned to sub-specialize exclusively in facial plastic surgery, I no longer deal with the direct treatment of medical illnesses g. Yet, over the years, I’ve realized I can still profoundly impact people’s lives. By being an expert in my field, I can offer my patients the highest level of care, bringing joy and confidence into their and their families’ lives. This has been immensely rewarding.

Appearances might be seen as “superficial”, and may not be essential to overall happiness, but I’ve witnessed how they can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. If changing the way someone looks can bring them joy, or remove something they find bothersome, then it should be valued.

Photo of Dr. Zhuravsky in a practice treatment room

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