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Introduction To Brow Lift

Brow position plays an important role when discussing rejuvenation of the face, particularly of the region around the eyes. The descent of the brows may not be as obvious as that of other regions of the face, but it does occur and can result in significant aesthetic changes. A low brow can sometimes be mistaken for eyelid aging as it obscures this area, contributing to that tired appearance. When performed properly in selected patients, browlifts can lead to very nice and natural results.

At our practice in Miami, Browlift is a popular and satisfying procedure. Performed by Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky, we strive to exceed patient expectations while always practicing patient safety and honesty. Below, we’ve included our comprehensive guide to the surgery, but if you’d like to schedule a consultation or have any questions, please contact us.

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What is Brow Lift?

A brow lift—sometimes called an eyebrow lift or forehead lift—is a surgical procedure designed to elevate a drooping eyebrow that may contribute to an older appearance and obstruction in vision. A brow lift is performed as a stand-alone procedure when the brow is either the primary concern of the patient or if all others have already been addressed but the brow remains an issue.

At Z Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer several different techniques to perform brow lift surgery, including endoscopic, lateral, and regular trichophytic techniques, as well as a non-surgical chemical brow lift.

Who are the Best Candidates for Brow Lift?

Before undergoing brow lift surgery, it is important that you first schedule a consultation to make sure that it’s a good option for you. Brow lift surgery is an excellent cosmetic option for those who suffer from sagging skin in the brow region that contributes to an older and more tired look. It can also be useful to those who experience obstructions in their vision that are caused by the dropping skin.

Patients should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations about the procedure. During your initial consultation, Dr. Zhuravsky will examine your skin and discuss your medical history to determine if you would make a good candidate for the brow lift surgery.

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Using the Endoscopic approach, Dr. Zhuravsky can make corrections to the brow region without making larger incisions commonly associated with the traditional brow lift surgery, which not only preserves the hairline but contributes to a faster recovery time. He makes use of an endoscope (very tiny camera) inserted through the incisions to provide a more clear view of the treatment area.


With the Lateral technique (also called a temporal brow lift), Dr. Z will make an incision within the hair or at the temporal hairline. This approach targets only the outer one-third of the eyebrow rather than the entire brow, which allows Dr. Z to change the shape of the brow and give it a more youthful and attractive look. For patients with thin hair or a higher forehead, an incision at the hairline is preferred, however, keep in mind that the incision may create a bald spot and will lift the hairline even further. Dr. Z will also be able to perform this technique in different surgical areas, such as the subcutaneous (just under the skin), subgaleal (between the skin and the skull), or subperiosteal (beneath the membrane of connective tissue) regions. The largest amount of lift is a subcutaneous dissection and the least amount is accomplished with a subperiosteal dissection.

*This surgery can be performed as a stand-alone or is often combined with Blepharoplasty.

Regular Trichophytic

The Trichophytic brow lift is a surgical procedure that involves surgically pulling the skin of the forehead upwards to remove creases close to the eyelids and correct sagging of the brows due to gravity. Dr. Z makes long incisions across the forehead, in the hairline with a certain amount of skin being lifted away from the tissues of the forehead, along with some fat removal from the target region. Any excess skin is removed and the incisions will be closed using medical stitches.

As the excess forehead skin is removed, your brows will be pulled upwards to achieve a more attractive position. Sometimes, zig-zag incisions are used to help disguise the incisions into your natural hairline. The amount of skin removed and the exact incisions made depend upon the patient’s desired eyebrow arch and lift. As the skin on the forehead is lifted upwards, it also eliminates a lot of the excess skin from the upper eyelids, effectively getting rid of frown lines.

The results of the trichophytic brow lift are permanent, and patients instantly look more energetic and youthful.

Chemical Brow Lift (non-surgical brow lift)

Chemical browlift refers to the use of botulinum toxin products (Botox, Xeomin, Jeuveau) to elevate the brow. The forehead muscle (frontalis) is located above the eyebrows and pulls them upward. The muscles around the eyes are located below the eyebrows and exert a pull in the downward direction.

These forces are balanced against each other. By injecting botulinum toxin products, we can weaken the muscles pulling downward, allowing the brows to elevate. This allows us to achieve 1-3mm of lift, however, the results are temporary (avg. 3 months). This is a nice option for those that only need a small amount of lift.

What’s the First Step?

The first step in getting a Brow Lift in Miami is to schedule your consultation. When you come into our practice, you will meet with Dr. Zhuravsky and he will examine your brow. He will discuss your aesthetic goals, answer any questions you may have, and the two of you will decide what he feels is the best technique for you. You will also need to ask questions regarding your medical history, so it is very important to be open and honest with Dr. Z as your clarity will help avoid any unnecessary risks. Once he has the information he needs, Dr. Z will create your surgical plan and if you agree with it, our Patient Coordinator will work with you to schedule your surgery date.

What to Expect on the Day of Brow Lift

There are many different approaches to the browlift and they vary as to what is required by the patient. A lift can be done for the entire brow, or the outer portion only (lateral brow lift). The core concept for most brow lifts is the same as that for facelift surgery, we elevate the deeper tissues to achieve improvement in the superficial structures.

Although variations of brow lifts exist, the general approach is to make an incision that is hidden in or behind the hairline. The key is then to elevate the skin and muscle layers down to the brows, where they can be released and elevated. For patients that only require the outer brow to be addressed, this can be limited only to the outer portions known as the lateral or temporal brows. Once elevated, the skin and tissues are supported in position in a variety of ways that differ by surgeon preference.

For a better understanding of what you will experience, please refer to the individual techniques listed above. Dr. Zhuravsky will also discuss the surgery in fuller detail when you come in for your consultation.

Brow Lift Recovery

After undergoing a brow lift, patients can expect to experience some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort in the treatment area. These issues are temporary, however, and will subside. Dr. Zhuravsky can prescribe medication to help you feel more comfortable as you heal. This is dependent on the extent of surgery but generally, the bulk of the recovery is during the first 7 days as swelling and bruising subside. Patients with a full browlift incision note numbness behind the incision. Sutures are removed after 7 days.

During your recovery period, it is advised that you take some time off work and refrain from performing strenuous physical activities to ensure a speedy recovery and the best results. Initial wound healing may take 10 to 14 days. As the swelling dissipates, you will notice the full results of your procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Ruslan Zhuravsky is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a dedication to cosmetic plastic surgery of the face. His goals are to achieve the best results possible each and every time. Dr. Z will only advise treatment that he thinks will truly benefit his patients. When performing his surgeries, his focus and priorities are on what he feels would be most important to any patient; safety and quality.

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Brow Lift at a Glance:

PATIENT GOALS: Rejuvenation of the upper face and eyes
SURGICAL GOALS: Elevates the brows to their NATURAL, youthful position
RECOVERY TIME: 1-2 weeks
PAIN LEVEL: Mild to moderate


  • General (Hospital or Surgery Center)
  • Local with IV Sedation (Hospital or Surgery Center)
  • Local (In Office)

How Much Does Brow Lift Cost in Miami, FL?

The cost of a Brow Lift in Miami is determined by a number of factors, including the technique Dr. Z uses and the degree of change you are looking to achieve. The best way to find out how much the procedure will be for you is to come in for a consultation and allow Dr. Z to create your treatment plan. With the information from this plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with the cost breakdown.

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Lower brow position can sometimes be mistaken for eyelid aging as it obscures this area, contributing to that tired appearance. Dr. Zhuravsky is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and strives to deliver the best Brow Lift procedure in Miami. Contact Dr. Zhuravsky to see how he can help you achieve your desired appearance. Book a consultation today to start looking more youthful!

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